Summer is a time of endless possibility. With fun as our main objective, we wait all year long for planned summer vacations and weekends away from the chaos of everyday life. However, one of the reasons we all have an ongoing love affair with summer is having the freedom to indulge in spontaneity. In either case, we need to be ready to seize the day and our summer outfits should exhibit a certain versatility in preparation for doing so.

Whether going to a concert, enjoying a lovely brunch outside or taking an afternoon stroll on the boardwalk, this Fashionista is dressed for all of your basic summer social outings. To accommodate the warm weather, she is wearing white shorts with a patterned tank top. The white shorts are a summer go-to that the Fashionista spices up by adding a splash of color and pattern to the outfit with her top. She ties the look together with a pair of sparkly, open-toed sandals and a few accessories. To shield her eyes from the UV rays, the Fashionista is wearing a classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. She also accessorizes with silver jewelry by wearing her favorite heart pendant and gemstone ring.

One Simple Change: To take this look from daytime to nighttime, trade in your pair of sunglasses and shorts for a light jacket and a pair of white or light wash jeans. At night, when the hot temperatures have transitioned into cool breezes, you’ll be comfortable for whatever the night entails.