Never until I came to the chilly land of Ithaca did I realize how important the sun was. With weeks of overcast days consecutively, the lack of Vitamin D really did catch up to many of Cornell’s residents. Finally, within the last couple days, we have had nonstop sunshine and temperatures with a high of 70 degrees, creating a drastic 90-degree difference in the weather within the last month, something that can change your wardrobe immensely.

Unique to spring compared to the other seasons is the instantaneous ability to vary the weather from one minute to the next. From quick rain showers to sunshine to erratic thunderstorms, spring throws many curveballs at students, but that doesn’t mean one must sacrifice fashion for warmth and dryness! Bring an umbrella along in your bag, or simply pack a jacket just incase the winds pick up and the sun dips behind some clouds.

Shedding layers and packing way the winter coats, boys seem to have an easier transition from winter to spring compared to women, so I focused on a prime example of what it’s like to dress comfortably in warm weather for men; a classic plaid short-sleeved button-up, some cargo shorts and Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes, the perfect frat boy look. To keep track of time, he is sporting the perfect accessory—a Nixon watch. Ironically, this Fashionisto is not a member of the Greek community, but he sure does have the preppy look nailed.

Ithaca, as well as many upstate New York towns can understand that this winter has been an exceptionally hard one. Unpredictability can cause stress to Fashionistos everywhere and can disturb perfectly good outfits. Make sure you check the weather Fashionistas and be prepared for every little turn Mother Nature may hand us!

One Simple Change: Have a presentation later that day in class but still want the warmth of the approaching summer on you? Replace your short-sleeved button-up with a long-sleeve button-down. Feel free to keep a bold pattern on, for it shows you know how to have fun while presenting a serious topic!