Tired of bright neon colors, flip flips and floral patterns for spring? Even though the trend of floral patterns is welcome after a long and dreary winter, not everyone’s taste revolves around the sweet scent of flowers, especially when those select individuals constantly sneeze (dreadful allergies!) at the mere thought of spring blossoms. No worries; even if you are bored to tears with this trend, you are not alone. Instead of floral patterns, why not turn to vintage wear? Vintage attire with a darker edge is impeccable for those days when you no longer desire the typical spring wardrobe. In fact, look no further for traditional clothing inspiration than this week’s stylish Fashionista (I promise, no flowers anywhere!).

This Fashionista’s wardrobe literally screams vintage with an edge. Her polished outfit is flawless starting from her classic polka-dot top right down to her Mary Jane wedges. With a touch of lace decoration, the sleeveless polka-dot blouse is ideal for warm spring weather. The high-waisted black velvet skirt accentuates her waist, while coordinating seamlessly with the top and wedges. Who can argue against wearing a garment that is both black and high-waisted? The sheer, white cardigan gives the Fashionista coverage without being too heavy. The dark tights with the fake suspenders are a sassy addition to the overall ensemble. The handmade (this Fashionista handcrafted it herself) necklace and the vintage flower ring (my mistake, this outfit does include one tiny flower) both add a dainty flair to the outfit.

After viewing this Fashionista’s dashing vintage apparel, you might change your perspective and include one piece of floral into your attire. Or instead, you might avoid anything that resembles flora like the plague.

One Simple Change: As spring transitions into summer, exchange the tights and black heels for a cute and stylish pair of gladiator sandals.