WHAT TO WEAR: Sport the Sporty Style

Does she love anything more than Mexican hot sauce and chili candy? The answer is no, however, her love for shopping and fashion come pretty close. Pao sports a look that mixes her international style with the West Coast-vibe into a giant melting pot (pun intended). Her mix of a Mexican modern, street wear and high-end infamous brands is how this international Fashionista shows off her style on a casual Claremont McKenna class day.

Here’s a comforting thought—fashion should be comfortable. Ditch the wedgie inducing high-rise shorts and go for a pair of sleek, fancy joggers. You CAN be comfortable and still cute (this Fashionista is living proof!) Get this put together, street style by simply taking a few basic pieces that are sportswear-inspired. So ditch the pajamas and over-sized sweatpants for a look that is still comfortable, but visually shows off your personality.

One last final step! To get this cool college class look, don’t forget to accessorize. The white choker and its metallic parts paired with the metallic blocked Valentinos not only match perfectly to the white-grey hue of the outfit, but they add to the edgy style. The classic, simple Louis Vuitton clutch is the perfect choice to dress this outfit up (and also a smart idea to carry all your essentials!) Finally, top off the look with your everyday, must-have jewelry.

This international Fashionista lives by the quote, “life is a roller coaster.” Now I live by the quote, “classes are like a roller coaster, but your outfit should be the peak.”