WHAT TO WEAR: New Orleans Street Style

WHAT TO WEAR: New Orleans Street Style

In New Orleans’s warm winter climate, Fashionistas and Fashionistos dress a bit differently than students do back at my campus in Illinois where degrees dip below freezing. Down here, the winter months vary between coat weather and even shorts and a T-shirt weather. The particularly varying weather leaves a Fashionista/o with the typical question every morning, “What am I supposed to wear today?”

Luckily for New Orleanians, their December style can even include mini skirts, as seen here on this edgy Fashionista. She pairs the skirt with over-the-knee socks to ensure her warmth throughout her long day in the French Quarter. Even in parts of the country that do get really cold, this is a good trick to stay warm while looking super cute in a mini skirt or shorts. I know ill be applying this little trick to my outfit in the new year!

The Fashionista also layered a flannel shirt and a denim jacket to create an edgy feel that completely pulled together her look. What I love about her denim jacket is the graphic patches she added to it. You can buy a jacket like this one with the patches already sewn on, or even search for your own unique patches and do it yourself for a fun project and a way to personalize your clothing even more.

Another fun aspect of this Fashionista’s look is her neck scarf. The star pattern contrasts perfectly against the red flannel to give some more flair to this already very edgy look. You can see Hollywood and Instagram stars alike rocking this trend in the form of scarves and bandanas. They surely have taken over the statement necklace by a long shot, and this Fashionista is truly getting it right.

When it comes to winter fashion in a warm climate, we can all learn something from this edgy Fashionsta’s look.