WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Working an internship is great for so many reasons. You get to test drive different careers, meet tons of interesting people and learn many lessons along the way. An internship experience is also the perfect grounds to experiment and cultivate your own work wear style. While this can undoubtedly be a daunting and confusing task, this Fashionisto provides the perfect example of how to show your style at work

The key to this Fashionisto’s professional look is the art of layering. He mixes different textures and styles to put together a polished and cohesive outfit. This Fashionisto starts his look on a more formal note with a collared shirt and red tie. To add a hint of casual and cool, he layers on a gray zip-up sweatshirt. This easy combination is perfect if your company skews business casual.

For a punch of style, he tops off the sweater with a denim jacket. This Fashionisto proves that even a denim jacket can look professional when paired with the right pieces. A pair of neutral chinos and brown desert boots are perfect for office attire. Last but not least, this Fashionisto effortlessly accessorizes his look with two cool bracelets. Black and gold is a no-fail combination, as his gold link and black beaded bracelets prove.

This Fashionisto’s look breaks away from the typical business casual looks seen around the office by incorporating a few key stylish pieces. A jacket with personality like this Fashionisto’s denim version and a great pair of shoes are two guaranteed ways to dress to impress.

One Simple Change: Interviewing for the real deal post-internship? Up your game by swapping out the chinos for a tailored pair of gray trousers and switch the denim jacket with a blazer.