WHAT TO WEAR: Gents, This One Is for You

I spotted this Fashionisto and had to capture his look for you guys. Ladies, don’t fear, there’s stuff for you too. His comfy, prep look can be mastered even by the faint hearted Fashionistos out there.

A variation of his shirt is a must-have for college males and females as you can dress it up, or, in this case, dress it down. A cotton plaid shirt gives you a chance to bring your street style outfit together through color and comfort. Psst… Ladies, don’t be afraid to tackle a tomboy look! There are female shirt, pant, cardigan, and shoe alternatives too.

He has layered a cardigan with patch detailing on the elbow. This ties the chocolate brown leather of his shoes to the sweater bring a cohesive color scheme to the look.

He sports brown corduroy pants, which are the perfect alternative to the traditional khakis when the seasons change to winter. The brown hue makes the pants easy to pair with any shirt (striped, checkered, solid, you name it).

The best thing about the pieces he wears is that they are easy to use in all different looks. Whether you’re rushing out of the door for that 8 a.m. or rolling out of bed for that 11:15 a.m. class, grab some pants, a collared shirt, and your cardigan, and you are set to look as put together as ever.

However, what this Fashionisto does best is making his put-together look, look not-so-put-together. Pairing a collared shirt and cardigan with lace-up casual high-tops, gives this look an essence of cool that can only be achieved through confidence.

So ladies and gents, wear your look with confidence and you’ll have all your peers and professors thinking you totally have your life together (even if you don’t).