Formals are one of my favorite things to attend. From finding the perfect outfit to taking pictures with friends, it is something that is always fun and exciting! Many girls have a hard time finding the perfect dress and shoes to wear, when guys seem to have it easier and wear a suit and tie that they own. However, guys have so many options that they can wear from different colored dress shirts, shoes or suits with countless options for ties.

This Fashionisto knows how to rock the classic suit! His crisp blue suit is paired perfectly with a bright red tie and a white shirt that has a subtle pattern. The red tie adds a nice pop of color to the outfit and the barely-seen pattern has both black and blue squares that help tie in the Fashionisto’s black shoes.  Many people tend to stay away from pairing black and blue together; however, because they are both neutral colors, they go well together! Because it is so hot outside, a suit jacket gets too hot, so wearing a vest dresses up the outfit but keeps it cool enough for the summer. The aviator sunglasses are an added accessory that make this Fashionisto’s outfit that much more fun!

One Simple Change: Want to head out for a night out afterwards? Switch the suit pants for a nice dark pair of jeans, and remove the tie and vest. This will make it less dressy but will also keep you looking classy for going out.