It feels strange and exciting to say it, but this semester is quickly coming to an end. Soon enough we’ll all be enjoying the warm weather outdoors and thinking of anything and everything other than schoolwork. But unfortunately, all of us do have to make an extra push to get through finals week before we can officially start engaging in long days by the pool with not a whole lot to do. As I’m sure many of you know, finals week is full of seemingly endless hours dedicated purely to studying. With all of those hours spent with your nose in your textbooks, it’s not easy to find time to look for something cute to wear during your finals. Luckily, this Fashionista did the work for you.

She wore a striped T-shirt dress with black leather sandals. She kept her accessories simple with a pendant necklace, a wrist full of bracelets and an oversized black bag. Truth be told, there’s probably no item of clothing more comfortable than a T-shirt dress. They’re simple and easy, which means you’ll spend less time fussing with your outfit while taking your exam and more time focusing on the actual test. I also love that she went with just a few accessories. I’m the kind of person who finds herself getting very distracted by all of my jewelry when I’m wearing a ton of it, so it was smart of her to keep her accessorizing to a couple cute bracelets and simple necklace.

Another extremely important piece to this Fashionista’s look is her oversized bag. If you’re lucky, your finals will be evenly distributed throughout the week which will make getting from one to the other a complete breeze. However, there are times when finals are scheduled back-to-back in one day. An oversized bag is necessary to keep all of your essentials: snacks, water bottles, pens and pencils, your notebooks for last minute studying and basically anything else you can think of to help you survive your tests.

While you should never cheat on your exams, there’s no problem with copying this Fashionista’s look. Take a breather from all of the information flooding your brain and lay out your outfit for tomorrow. Happy studying!

One Simple Change: If your time leading up to finals is filled with hours at the library, this Fashionista’s outfit would still work. Add a cardigan to keep you warm and cozy, and study away.