WHAT TO WEAR: Fashionably Late

It’s 8 a.m. and your snooze button has been hit one too many times on the alarm so you are already behind schedule for your 8 a.m. class. It is the start of a brand new year, which means it is also a brand new semester, but you are still the same old you. Always running late…but fashionably late, that makes it all okay…right?

Yes! This Fashionista kicks being “fashionably late” out of the park with her comfy back to school outfit. As we all know, classrooms can get pretty chilly so it is so important to make sure you are covered up enough to be comfortable on your first day back. This is exactly what this Fashionista had in mind when she chose her outfit that morning. The leggings are light enough so she wouldn’t be too toasty, but thick enough so she wouldn’t freeze either. She paired the black leggings with a super cute/simple boot with a splash of gold detailing on the side. Then my favorite part, a pop of color. The purple sweater just completes the outfit perfectly. This shade of purple also looks amazing on all skin tones, which is always a plus. She finishes the outfit with a gold watch and bracelet that ties in that gold detailing on the boots that I absolutely love. Lastly, to add that first day back touch, she grabbed her favorite black bag, threw in her books and she was ready to learn.

When you are standing in your closet, burning holes into your clothes, hair in a bun, still in your pajamas, with 20 minutes to get to school it is important to think comfy, simple, practical, but most importantly, fashionable. Looking sophisticated while comfortable will give you that confidence to take on whatever the new semester may bring. And if you are anything like me, your cute outfit, new found confidence and motivation will get you through the spring semester with positivity and productivity.