October 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although we all like to think that fall has perfect weather all the time, we must prepare for the worst, rain. It ruins good hair days and makes you want to stay in bed; but when it happens, don’t let it prevent you from being to best you can look. Breaking out of the mold with the typical black rain boots, black leggings and a North Face rain jacket is something that this student definitely did with this outfit. A little rain never killed nobody, by playing around with different trends and rain gear is a look that not only will help you stand out in the crowd but make you feel quirky at the same time!

When it comes to rainy day attire, rain boots are a go-to or a must have; they are the be all and the end all for those wet weather kind of days. This look brings in the ever so useful and necessary rain boots but uses it in a way that others wouldn’t think of wearing rain boots, with over the knee socks. Adding over the knee socks to any outfit can make it go from one that everyone wears, to a one of a kind look. This great, draped trench coat was once again able to bring traditional rain gear with a twist of chicness. Trench coats are not only water resistant but add spunk to any simple outfit. The mixture of purple, coming from the rain boots, and the army green coat leads to a eye catching mixture of colors that one would think wouldn’t match yet works perfectly.

Picking a dress to wear on a rainy day may not be the first thing everyone would reach for when getting ready in the morning, but this Fashionista wanted to take a risk and what a risk it was. The dress in this picture is one type of dress everyone needs in their closet, a sweater dress. Sweater dresses are perfect for those days when it’s chilly, but paired with tights and over the knee socks, it becomes a drop dead gorgeous outfit.

I know we tell the rain to “go away” but having a spunky outfit for those rare rainy days is a must try. Stand out of North Face rain jackets and the thousands of black matte rain boots, be bold. Style should always come first even in rain or snow!

One Simple Change: This outfit is truly unique because it can easily become a simple winter outfit. Swap out the rain boots for some brown riding boots and throw on a pair of tights underneath you will be all ready to go!