WHAT TO WEAR: Early Fall Fashion

As we say goodbye to the high-waisted shorts and crop tops, the spontaneous beach trips and the relief of not having to wake up early for classes, we also say hello to one of the most vibrant seasons of the year (in my opinion). With a number of different hues painting the trees, the crisp and breezy air kissing our faces, pumpkin spice lattes and holiday season just around the corner, there’s nothing like autumn. Fall is also the best time to explore with some beautiful colors and patterns which I couldn’t be more excited to do. And New York University is already on the fall fashion grind! 

This beautiful Fashionista in particular is already prepared for what the gorgeous fall season has to offer. The black top with the plaid skirt is a lovely way to greet the cooler weather. Complimenting the look with black booties and pantyhose, it’s the perfect fall look that fits the cold weather vibes and more importantly, keeps you warm! What I love about her look the most is how she wasn’t afraid to dress for the fall when people were still in summer wear. It’s also a look that can suit any season. People who aren’t afraid to dress how they please, even when it doesn’t seem to be the the current trend, is what fashion is all about. Even with the sun still out and the trees still green at this time in New York City, there are always people out there ready for the new season. One of the best parts about attending college in New York City is seeing different kinds of people in different styles everywhere I go. Being such a diverse place, it’s beautiful to see how people choose to put effort into expressing themselves, and this Fashionista is a perfect representation of a New Yorker expressing herself freely.

Get ready for the autumn season as it’s a lot closer than we think it is! Have fun with the cold weather and don’t forget to love what you’re wearing!