WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Time? Who has that? We are all busy college students with no time to waste. Coming from your average college girl, I know just how hard it is to make time to get ready in the morning and be satisfied with your outfit for all of your day’s events. Not only are we busy, but our days are also unpredictable! Some days you may have class all day, others you may need to study at your favorite coffee shop or go out shopping or run errands. I may dress super casual to go to class some days, but I may not feel comfortable running around town in my athletic gear. I find time to make a quick outfit swap. Well, I shouldn’t say quick because that’s a fib. Most of us girls are so indecisive that choosing an entire new outfit can take forever! There is just not enough time in our busy schedules to pick out more than one outfit per day. We need a solution to this problem!

This Fashionista is styling the perfect outfit for dressing only once for a day full of classes, studying, shopping, and running errands—then, heading into the night for dinner with the girls. This Fashionista dresses comfortably with an oversize sweater and a flair denim skirt. She dresses the outfit up with her black, over-the-knee boots and a fringe infinity scarf.

Now, let’s talk colors. I am always one to encourage nudes, grays, and blacks, as they fit this winter season fashionably and they match anything. However, this light pink sweater adds just enough to the outfit to give it the perfect amount of subtle color. In addition to the pink sweater, this Fashionista pairs a dark burgundy lipstick to add to the edgy look.

Next, pointing out the accessories that pull this outfit together, her wide framed, super-stylish black sunglasses are my favorite! Her gold Michael Kors watch and gold bar necklace add the perfect touch (never too much gold jewelry).

Lastly, the outfit is topped off with a simple wave in her hair that creates a simple, yet fashionable look. She wears dark eye shadow, and she contours and highlights her face, really making her best facial features pop. Dress like this Fashionista, stop stressing about outfits, and go from day to night in one stylish outfit that you are guaranteed compliments on!