WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

When preparing for a date, choosing the right outfit can sometimes throw guys for a loop. Not only do they have to worry about planning the location and activities for the date, but they also have to step up their apparel game from the basic T-shirt and athletic shorts look. Typically, guys don’t want to be overly dressed up or under dressed for the occasion, so finding a happy medium is a must. This happy medium method is also perfect for dates because it allows him to dress to impress without it appearing that he put too much thought into what he is wearing!

This Fashionisto put together the perfect date night look. He kept it low key with khaki shorts and a black belt, but added some interest with a fun summery Hawaiian print button-down top. This decision to go with a bold print allows him to show some edge and express his fun personality before the conversation even gets going. Choosing boat shoes gives him a laid back, vacation vibe that will immediately put his date at ease and makes it easy to transition to a romantic walk on a moonlit beach should the opportunity present itself.

One Simple Change: Meeting some friends for a few drinks and a nice dinner in a more formal setting? No problem. This look can be dressed up by the simple addition of a pull-over sweater. The sweater would cover up a majority of the busy print of the shirt toning down the entire outfit and transforming it into a classy look perfect for said occasion.