College is all about making new friends and having the time of your life all while trying to maintain good grades and make your parents proud, right? We all know how hard it can be to juggle all aspects of college, but nonetheless we make it work. Because life is so busy, it is harder to find motivation to get ready early in the morning after a long night (of studying–duh). Just because we have a lack of motivation doesn’t mean we have to show it with our outfit.

I caught this Fashionista giving cute and comfy vibes on her way to class. As we all know, it is finally time for fall and we are already seeing killer trends for this season. Trends change all the time but we all know which trend is predominate every fall…LEGGINGS! Who doesn’t love leggings? You can dress them up or down while staying comfy and cozy, which is exactly why they are perfect for class. This Fashionista paired her lululemon leggings with a lululemon half-zip pullover and vibrant Nikes.

Makeup is also important to most girls when getting ready in the morning, but we don’t always have the luxury of wasting time putting on makeup.  Not to worry though, a natural, fresh-faced look like this one is perfect for a long day of class. I don’t know what y’all are thinking, but this looks like a cute and casual outfit for class! This Fashionista is proof that just because we lose motivation to pull out our “very best” for morning classes, doesn’t mean we can’t kill it in a simple outfit.

One Simple Change: It might be fall but it is still a little warm (this North Carolina weather is insane). If it is too warm to wear long sleeves and leggings, try wearing Nike shorts or a short sleeve T-shirt with leggings.