It’s almost time students to pack up their lives once again and move into the glamorous housing around campus. Can you believe that fall semester is less than a month away? Oh, how time flies. Everything is so exciting the first few weeks! Adjusting to the college life is a lot more fun when there is a heard of people doing the same thing. It can get a little hectic. For all of you who have not experienced this before, there is one task in particular that you must master and that is off to class wear.

There will be days when you’ll contemplate rolling out of bed to stumble into your lecture hall with pajamas on. Trust me, I know. When that time comes, just opt for something reliable and fashionable like this Fashionisto did. How can you go wrong with a pair of wallabees? Clarks may have created the most comfortable shoes known to man. The lightweight jean shirt gives the uptown graphic T-shirt look more put together. And even better, it blows in the wind! Every day is a photo shoot in this flannel. Cherry pants give the look some color because no one wants to look washed out in the summer, right?

One Simple Change: Have a final speech to give later? Keep a patterned bow tie in your book bag. All you have to do is button up your jean shirt, tuck it in some and throw on the bow tie in the bathroom before class starts. Now you’re sure to impress your professor!