It’s the beginning of the semester here at Michigan State, and classes are starting to kick into full swing. With fresh snowfall every day and a consistently low temperature, it can be very easy to fall into the habit of throwing on old sweatpants for the cold walk to class. As tempting as your cozy pajama pants may be, wearing a presentable outfit to class shows professors and peers that you take yourself seriously.

I spotted this Fashionisto looking very polished on his walk to class. When I stopped him to compliment his outfit, he asked, “Is it the peacoat?” The answer is yes! His peacoat stood out among the numerous down jackets and parkas I saw around campus. A word of advice: Never underestimate the power of a good jacket. A high-quality peacoat is a closet staple that can be kept around for a long time.

On top of his coat, this Fashionisto layered a striped scarf. Scarves are both stylish and practical. They add warmth through layering. Scarves are also an easy and subtle way to let your personality shine since there are endless color and style options available. Another way to keep warm on the walk to class is to invest in a waterproof pair of boots. Timberlands have been making quite a fashion statement lately, but I really like that this Fashionisto chose an option different than the classic Timberland boot. Even this Fashionisto’s backpack portrayed his simple yet refined style.

One Simple Change: Another motivation to dress your best for class is that you never know who you will run into! If this Fashionisto were to meet someone new and see sparks, he could easily transition this outfit for a date night. All he needs to do is swap his T-shirt underneath for a nice button-down and replace his Timberlands with a pair of dress shoes.