I don’t know about you, but some words I commonly associate with summer are relaxing, spontaneous, free-spirited and chill. The warm weather is near in Chicago and absolutely everyone is waiting for it. Summer clothes are on the radar and we are in the home stretch. It is the time to be alive, be a free spirit and dress like it.

This Fashionista is bringing in the heat with a relaxed boho-inspired ensemble with a hint of summer. Because of the lightweight fabric used, the black and white printed pants she is wearing flow perfectly in the wind and are cool enough for the weather. She paired it with a white shirt she decided to tie on the side in order to get a more laid back style.

This Fashionista did not fail to accessorize. She chose to amplify this free-spirited look by adding many accessories. These accessories include a layered gold necklace. The layered piece with elephant and Hamsa charms over her plain white shirt didn’t overpower the look but added some charisma to what could have been an overlooked area of her outfit. Not leaving her arms bare, she showed off the colorful blue beads of her many bracelets on both wrists, that combined with the combat boots, make this look perfect for walking back and forth from class to class.

One Simple Change: It’s finally warm and you get to enjoy your days without the burden of walking to class. Switch out your combat boots for some strappy wedges and you’ll be ready for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends!