Most people don’t dream of Sunday to come because that means the end of the weekend you were just impatiently waiting for. As you plan to meet your friends at your usual brunch spot, you can’t help but hit the snooze button on your alarm one too many times. As you jump out of bed and are struggling to get ready throwing your clothes all over the place, you just really can’t decide on what to wear. You can’t decide if you should throw on a t-shirt dress or put a little extra effort into your outfit, there really is a thing as being fashionably late. This Fashionista chose to go with the second option and chose to spend a little extra time on her outfit to create the perfect brunch outfit.

This Fashionista started off her outfit with a cute little beige front ribbed shirt that doesn’t show off too much. She paired that shirt with the perfect pair of black high waisted shorts that allows the shirt to be tucked in to pull off a more polished put together look. To finalize the look she added her favorite pair of Birkenstocks, a black bag that adds a little more edge to the look, she also adds some rings and a watch to pull the look all together for a more put together brunch look.

This outfit is a perfect brunch outfit, you will definitely have your friends sending you envious glares during your brunch outing. I think that the Birkenstocks really pull this brunch look together and have it looking more casual, with Birkenstocks being all the rage of the season this past year, it brings the outfit on the more trendy side as well. Even though this Fashionista may be a little late to brunch at least she will be fashionably late and she will be catching some glances along the way.

One Simple Change: If you’re wanting to change out of the more casual vibe this outfit gives off then I would suggest changing into some knee high gladiators. These sandals will add a little bit more of an edge to this outfit getting rid of the casual brunch vibe you get with the Birkenstocks.