July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

This Fashionista knows just what to wear for a casual day out! She has paired the right styles, using the right fabrics to keep her covered yet cool and breezy while walking around outside and grabbing food with her friends.

She wears a mint green maxi skirt that is perfect for the outside weather on a sunny day. The length of the skirt keeps her covered and appropriate yet this Fashionista still gets the comfort of wearing a skirt instead of pants. The cotton and spandex fiber mix gives a comfortable texture to wear for activities, such as the early afternoon walk to brunch that I caught this Fashionista on.

Sporting a loose fitting take top with lace detailing on the front and back, this Fashionista knows how to add accents to her look without having to even add accessories! This cut and design also covers the Fashionista but gives her the bonus of feeling the breeze and not getting too hot. Her tank top also features buttons up the back, giving her the option of unbuttoning some and wearing it as an open-back shirt. This is also a way to cool off and feel the breeze even more than with just the detailing on the shirt.

To spice up her look and not look too casual, she wears a simple silver ring with floral detailing on her middle finger. This gives the look just enough sparkle and shine to play off of the detailing in her shirt. Too many accessories could clash with the design of the shirt, but this Fashionista rocked it just right with what accessories she chose. She topped off her look with a pair of white sandals and painted her nails pink to give the whole look a pop of bright color. This color on her nails also works well with her choice of makeup, especially the bold pink color on her lips!

One Simple Change: Change the sandals to wedges and add on a denim jacket to make this look more formal. By adding these simple changes, you could wear this look to celebratory events such as a baby shower (I say this because I just attended my friend’s baby shower a few days ago!), date nights and more.