WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 22nd, 2015 at 2:10am

With the start of September, the memory of pink flamingo inner tubes, piña coladas and the carefree mentality that accompanied the summer months fades away and is replaced with tartan plaid and fresh ballpoint pens. Despite our longing to break out the boyfriend jeans, oversized sweaters and our beloved leather ankle boots, we’re still suffering through the last warm days of summer and the blinding summer sun. We’re trapped in a climate oxymoron. Our calendars say one thing and yet the weather app on our iPhones says something different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking forward to the frigid New England weather that lasts until March, navigating the icy paths to work and a red nose that doesn’t thaw out until the end of my accounting marathon. Yet somehow I feel trapped when I get dressed every morning, trying to craft an outfit that can survive the morning trek to campus under the beating sun and the frigid office air conditioning.

Despite the dressing drama I’m sure most of us are facing, this Fashionista has got the right idea. With her end of the summer layers, this student teacher earns an A+ when it comes to conquering the elementary school halls and earning approving glances from the tenured (fashionable) faculty.

This Fashionista plays with textiles, professional standards and layers with this look. She is wearing a gray short sleeve T-shirt dress from Banana Republic, layered under a J. Crew denim jacket to keep away the classroom chills. The denim jacket plays on the idea of the professional blazer due to its structured shape and darker hue. Luckily this Fashionista isn’t confined to the restrictions of the corporate world and can let her style flag fly. Rolling up the sleeves adds her personal style along with an abundance of accessories and a statement shoe. Gold flats are easy on the feet as well as the eyes and act as a neutral in this case. In an environment where sky-high stilettos aren’t the norm, a fancy flat is more appropriate amongst spelling tests and cubbies. Her black leather bag and some gold jewelry complete the look and give it a more personalized feel.

One Simple Change: This look is great for student teaching because it shows professionalism while allowing this Fashionista the comfort she needs to succeed in the classroom. Change up the look with a brightly colored cardigan and a neutral heel for a more professional setting, such as parent-teacher conferences or an interview.