WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s that time of the year already: putting your swimsuit away, no more long days of hanging by the pool and certainly no more soaking up the sun. It’s a sad time really, you no longer can lounge around in your pajamas and binge on Netflix or Hulu shows. Reality has hit, and it has hit hard. As you start to stress over things like homework and classes, and if you’re like me and my roommates, finding something to wear. You’ve already hit the racks at your favorite places at the mall like, Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe but you’ll still wake up with that “oh no, what am I going to wear today?” look on your face as you stare at your closet. But have no fear, the Fashionistas are here.

If you’re like me, the ensemble of yoga pants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt just doesn’t cut it when you’re out in public or around campus. Yes, don’t get me wrong, you all look like you are super comfy in your sweatpants and tennis shoes, but I can’t force myself to feel good when I’m dressed that casual. I am the type to wear a dress or a skirt almost everyday, switching it up with a pair of jeans here and there, but what has really been catching my eye lately are harem pants. They are the most comfortable pair of pants you could ever have the pleasure of putting on your body: breathability, comfort AND they’re stylish? What else could you want in life?

This Fashionista is all about the comfort yet chic lifestyle. The pants she is wearing are from Jerusalem, a city that she traveled to this past summer vacation. The colors featured are absolutely perfect for fall: with different mixtures of oranges and blues, they go perfect with the changing of the leaves and the seasons. Her shirt is a plain white tank from Zara, perfect for warmer days. This Fashionista also loves to accessorize: her watch is a classic Michael Kors rose gold stainless steel Bradshaw chronograph paired with a matching funky kate spade ring and kate spade sandals. To top off her look, she added a pair of timeless round Ray-Ban sunglasses for outside. To recreate her look, you can find the white tank top here and similar harem pants here.

It’s always hard waking up for those morning classes and sometimes all you want is that extra twenty minutes of sleep, so if you’re looking for an effortlessly chic look, this is the one for you. Enjoy those extra 20 minutes and enjoy the rest of your day feeling confident in your stylish look.

One Simple Change: Have dinner plans later in the evening that you want to rock this look to? Switch out the sandals for a pair of tan or nude wedges and add a statement necklace for a more dressed up look. Check out some necklaces here and here.