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What it was Like to Attend NYFW as a Totally Normal Person

I would consider my self a fashion lover. But no matter how many issues of Vogue I read, or how devotedly I watch “The Devil Wears Prada,” this small town girl from Maryland is definitely not a fashion insider. So when the official NYFW invites came my way, I couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity to play the part of one. (And obviously give you the inside look!)

 Thursday 8:00 am:  I wake up more excited than a little kid on Christmas morning, only to see that NYC was in the midst of a full blown blizzard. After checking my email and realizing the shows were still going on as scheduled, I was in the midst of a full blown panic attack over what outfit would be fashion week acceptable but also practical (and warm) in the snow. I opted for leather leggings from Aritzia and a black side lace sweater with over the knee black suede boots. I chose to keep it simple with my accessories and just went for a choker and a couple small rings.

9:30 am: I hopped in an Uber and headed on the slush covered roads for the Nicholas K show at Skylight Clarkson Square. My driver was wondering if I was insane or what was crazy enough to make my brave the blizzard for, so I excitedly introduced him to the world of New York Fashion Week as we chatted on the short ride there.

9:50 am: I arrived to a paparazzi lined street and tried my best to look like I knew what I was doing as I headed inside the venue. Upon entry I was heavily greeted by an intense check-in process where I had to scan my email invite at a kiosk in exchange for a paper ticket which I then had to show to at least three different security guards. Who knew fashion shows required so much security?

9:55 am: Once I made it past the different levels of security I entered the doors and immediately wanted to scream “Look Ma I made it!” but I kept my cool. It was actually almost exactly like I had pictured, they had a few booths set up; Papyrus paper was there with a really cool paper display on the wall, as well as E! with a cute photo booth, and Treseme had a beauty booth where you could get your hair done. I was asked for my ticket by another bouncer, who then pointed me a line with other people who didn’t have assigned seats. I joined the lined and patiently waited for what was to come next (hopefully being allowed to sit down somewhere because my feet were already hurting!).

10:15 am: The security guard finally opened up the rope and let us into the show. They just kind of shooed us in and didn’t really give us directions on where to go or where to stand so another girl and I were a little confused. Nothing screams “this is my first time!” like standing in the middle of the runway not knowing where to go. Luckily, a super nice lady came up to us and told us that we could fill in the seats and sit anywhere we’d like. I snagged a front row seat and was able to score an awesome gift bag!

10:20 am: The DJ filled the room with awesome ’90s hip hop beats as the first modeled took the runway. I was instantly in awe of the gorgeous colors and sophisticated styles. From the crushed velvet pants, to metallic jackets and boots, to the long shearling-llined firemen coats, this collection was extremely impressive. As mother nature was unleashing her fury on the streets of Manhattan, The Nicholas K duo unleashed their fury inside and took opening day by storm.

11:10 am: After the show ended I headed back to my apartment to do a little bit of work and grab a bite to eat before heading out for the next show.

1:45 pm: I met up with fellow Style Gurus Peyton and Shelby before the Malan Breton show at Madison Square Garden Theater. The theater was huge and way bigger than I had expected (which also meant we were farther back than I expected but it wasn’t bad). The show was delayed (of course). But it wouldn’t be a true fashion production if it started on time.

2:30 pm: The show opened with a classic Warner Brothers movie inspired intro, followed by three couples who gracefully took the stage in elegant gowns and sophisticated suits and performed a classic ballroom style dance before clearing the stage for the models displaying the impeccable collection for both men and women. Malan Breton pushed the boundaries not only with his metallic pants suits and floor length lavender fur jackets. He also tested the idea of mixing minimalistic makeup with bold touches, such as dark lip shades with light contoured complexion, leaving the models looking romantically vintage and classically chic. The show closed with an army models wrapped in shiny black leather jackets who literally marched on stage, followed by Breton himself.

3:20 pm:  I hoped in the back of a cab and headed home with a big smile on my face knowing I had successfully survived my first day at NYFW, in the middle of my first snowstorm since moving to the city. I felt proud and accomplished, and couldn’t believe that my dreams to attend fashion week had just come true.

Did you attend NYFW? Or just live vicariously through the social media posts? Let us know which designers you were loving in the comments below!