How to Wear a Jumpsuit 3 Ways

If you’re like me, you always feel like there aren’t enough clothes in your closet. Even though you may happen to be the “go-to stylist” of your friend group, when it comes to dressing yourself, you wish you had a whole new wardrobe. This summer, I have been interning in New York City. Because I am living in a dorm, I have had to learn how to make the most out of my wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here are some tips I have picked up to style one of my favorite articles of clothing three different ways.

One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a striped jumpsuit. The best thing about jumpsuits is that you don’t have to think about putting an outfit together, you just throw it on and automatically look stylish. Sometimes, it can take me an hour just to figure out what to wear without picking something I have worn 100 times before. So to me, jumpsuits are timely and trendy.

The first way I have styled this jumpsuit is by layering a ripped rocker T-shirt over it. The one-piece look changes into feeling like two separate articles of clothing. I also mixed the striped pants with patterned shoes from Kendall and Kylie. I think it adds a little bit of an edgier vibe. I added these mirrored sunnies and love how they match the metallic of the safety pins. The best part is, if one of my friends is having a wardrobe malfunction, I can always let them borrow a safety pin from my shirt.


The next way I like to style this jumpsuit is by wearing a white, cropped T-shirt under it. I normally wear it like this to work because it’s a little more formal, but also trendy and cute. I pair this look with lace-up espadrilles or Birkenstocks, but if you wanted to make it even dressier, you could wear block-heeled sandals or pumps.


You can amp up this jumpsuit for a night out in the city by taking off that white, cropped top, and adding a belt to cinch your waist. Throw a leather or jean jacket over your shoulders and slip on a pair of heels. Instantly, you have changed this jumpsuit from day to night without wasting any time.


For all of the Fashionistas or fellow shopaholics out there, don’t be afraid to re-wear the awesome pieces you have in your closet. It was such a fun experience coming up with new ways to wear this one staple piece.

Here is my challenge for you: find one article of clothing you love and come up with two more ways to rock it! You will thank me later for giving you an excuse to wear this piece of clothing even more.

Did you find two more ways to wear your favorite apparel? We want to see your photos! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Instagram.