WHAT TO WEAR: Earthy Comfort

May 9th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Earthy Comfort

Portland, Oregon is swimming with unique Fashionistas/os. It is the home of the weirdos, where the citizens proudly live up to their stereotype. Their unique individuality is what makes this city’s style so fun and care-free.

This Portland native caught my eye almost immediately with her hip and funky style. She was sporting her look with true hippy Portland style, as she was originally holding a sandwich almost as if it was an accessory. You can tell that she was so comfy, yet looked super rad at the same time! It was the classy and exotic scarf that quickly drew me to this look. It looked like it could be part of a curtain, yet added an element of color and individuality to her style. Underneath the scarf, this Fashionista wore a simple structured smock, which some may say is a forgotten gem. With the rugged smock grounding the funky scarf, it also doubled as a handy tool with ample large pockets. This look was styled with minimal jewelry, yet still felt completed. On her right hand, this stylish little lady was sporting a cute claddagh ring, which mimicked the cool tattoo she had on her forearm.  She paired this look with some simple cuffed khakis, and black Birkenstocks. The Birkenstocks only reinforced the Portland vibes of this cool outfit, and they looked as comfortable as ever.

You could tell that this look was one of a kind, and very distinct to this particular city-goer’s look. With a bunch of funky pieces tied together with an earthy vibe, this quirky look killed it!