The Vintage T-shirt Revival

June 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

T-shirts are the most basic yet instrumental part of any Fashionista’s wardrobe, and graphic T-shirts take that one step further. Graphic, vintage-inspired T-shirts are definitely trending this summer. They’re an awesome way to express your own personal style while keeping it casual and cool. Call up your dad and snag some of his band tees from back in the day-or just hit a vintage thrift store-to find the perfect piece. The revival of vintage looks creates a seriously cool vibe that will keep you feeling #rad all summer.

I paired my vintage-inspired T-shirt with some edgy pieces that embody my style to create a simple and cool look. Although my Pink Floyd tee ran the risk of getting berated by people telling me to “name five of their songs,” I think it’s super cool and adds color and flare to the outfit (and yes, I do know some of their songs). `This shirt actually used to be my brother’s, and I love its heathered, worn-in material. No matter what band it is, logos are usually visually pleasing, so wearing them front and center is the perfect way to create a cool vibe. This logo also adds a pop of color to the black accents of the outfit. You can usually find a graphic T-shirt at any store for a low price, and can even DIY it to look as distressed as you please.

The comeback of vintage T-shirts comes at the same time as the comeback of high-waisted denim, so I chose to pair the two together to achieve the ultimate cool girl vibe. The trends in fashion right now are super reminiscent of the ’90s, and make you look completely effortless. Street style is at the forefront of fashion right now, which is a huge change in the industry, and personally I can’t wait to see how the world embraces the revival of past trends as part of that change!

I’d love to see how you rock a vintage-inspired tee this summer! Show us on social media by tagging @cfashionista.