How to Use the Versatility of Fashion to Your Advantage

A very special power that lies within fashion is that it gives people the power to be whoever they want. You can decide to be a bohemian, punk chick one day and a hip hop, vintage Barbie the next. Many people have a certain category of style they fit under, but fashion gives you the potential to be versatile and rock any and every style. I encourage everyone to dive into a fashion trend or category they aren’t familiar with; so of course I had to take my own advice. Lately, I’ve been bored with clothes so I decided to try out a style I’ve been neglecting.

I’ve been wanting to go for an edgy, sophisticated, girlboss look. So when I stumbled across this faded, black denim overall dress in Forever 21, I knew it was fate. It gives off an edgy, summer street style vibe. The patches and straps of the dress give it a hint of color, allowing you to match accessories or makeup. Patches are a popular trend that has been taking over in the fashion world. They instantly can take a piece of clothing from drab to fab, and they come in all different shapes, designs, objects, and colors. The dress is comfortable and loose, allowing you to take advantage of the summer breeze and beat the heat. This dress is definitely retro ’90s and reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger denim carpenter overalls.

To keep the edgy look, I traded in my usual style of Old Skool Vans for a pair of clear strap, lace-up heels from Fashion Nova. Nothing says girlboss like your favorite pair of little black heels. I paired this outfit with gold accessories to add a little street flare. I added gold accents to my ears, neck, and wrist to complete this outfit. I’m wearing giant gold hoops to match my giant Afrocentric hair, a gold star choker from Forever 21, and a dainty, feminine gold Casio watch.

Of course, your outfit isn’t complete without hair and makeup. These are your two most noticeable accessories. I fluffed out my curls with a pick to add volume to my hair. The bigger the hair the harder they stare! For makeup, I went with light coverage on the face and dramatic eyes. I used the Take Me To Brazil palette from BHcosmetics to add the pop of red on my eyelids and I used NYX Electric Blue liner for my waterline.

I absolutely love this look I created. I inspired myself to use the versatility of fashion and beauty to my advantage. Always try new things and find new ways to express yourself through fashion. You have a whole platform in front of you and you are the canvas. Ready. Set. Create!

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