How to Upcycle White Shoes for 5 Dollars

How to Upcycle White Shoes for 5 Dollars

Growing up in the world of competitive dance, you end up with a lot of expensive pieces of clothing that you only ended up wearing a few times. You try to throw them out or give them away, but some part of you is always telling yourself that you will somehow get another use out of it. For me, this was a pair of white Keds that has sat in the back of my closet for three years. Looking around at how 2017 has become the summer of tie-dye and scrunchies, I thought back to my closet Keds and could not wait to splash some color on them. I ended up creating my new favorite summer shoe!

Step 1—Find an old pair of white shoes! They can be new as well; as long as they are canvas, the dye will stick!

Step 2—Unlace the shoes and soak them in water. If you want to leave the laces white like I ended up doing just put them to the side. No need for them to get wet if they are not being colored!

Step 3—Next, take your tie-dye kit and follow the instructions on the package to create the dye. Mine was a “just add water” kit that I bought from a craft store for $5.

Pro Tip: For brighter colors, add less water to the dye.

Step 4—Set up your work space. Put plastic bags or a plastic tablecloth down so you do not damage your surrounding areas.

Pro Tip: Use something you can just throw away for easier cleanup.

Step 5—Wear gloves to protect your hands from the dye. My kit came with some, but to make them less bulky and easier to use, I put a hair tie around my wrist.

Step 6—Have fun! Squirt the bottles right onto the shoes and create whatever pattern you like.

Pro Tip: If you have a cheap kit like I had with fewer colors, try combining some to make new ones!  (Ex: Blue and red made purple!)

Step 7—Put the shoes in sealed bags for 24 hours so the color will have time to soak into the fabric.

Step 8—Wash the shoes in a washing machine so the color will not leak when it rains or if you sweat. The last thing you need is a trail of dye if you accidentally step in a puddle!

Step 9—Let your shoes dry out. You can either put them in the dryer or leave them sitting out. Just do not leave them out in the sun too long like I did or they might get faded!

Step 10—Wear them out, be cute, and impress all your friends with your original look!

How are you adding a splash of color to your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!