Try These Ukrainian Travel Basics This Summer

Try These Ukrainian Travel Basics This Summer

Many people shy away from the idea of traveling to a country that isn’t heavily “westernized”. As a result, many false stereotypes and ideas are created. After discovering a teaching program called GoCamps, I decided to travel to Ukraine this summer and learn firsthand how Ukrainian people truly live. I will be living with a Ukrainian host family and teaching at a local middle school for a total of two weeks. Let the adventure begin!

1—First Impressions

I have only been in Ukraine for a week so I can only write about my first impressions as an American who has never been here. What I’ve noticed right from the get-go is how friendly everyone truly is. There aren’t many tourists who come to visit so they are eager to help even if they don’t really speak English. I must admit that the language barrier makes it hard to travel in Ukraine. However, many young people speak enough English to help you around. I recommend bringing an unlocked phone and buying a Ukrainian sim card which you can get at any convenience store for around $2. In comparison to the U.S., everything costs much less in Ukraine. For example, the most you’d pay for a cappuccino at a nice café is around $1.The architecture here is amazing as well. I have only seen their capital, Kyiv, and Chernivsti, the town I am teaching in, but the main buildings in both these cities are very colorful.

2—Fashion Tips

I suggest wearing white. White is an easy color to style and it will contrast nicely with the colorful surroundings. Embroidery is a fun way to make white clothing more interesting. It’s also essential to wear comfortable shoes. The landscape is very hilly and the streets are cobblestone, which doesn’t making walking in heels very fun.

In general, the young people of Ukraine are very fashionable. Girls often have nicely manicured nails and perfect hair. Side note—I got the best manicure I’ve ever gotten done for only $14 in Kyiv. Their fashion style is very chic and business casual like.

Overall, I’ve had a great experience in Ukraine full of many happy surprises. I’m glad I came with no expectations and I’m ready to come back again soon! 

What are you summer travel plans! Let me know in the comments below!