Trendy, Instagram-Approved Dorm Room Essentials

July 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

Dorm rooms are gross. There, I said it! They’re notorious for being small, drab, and dreary. Off-campus apartments aren’t so luxurious either. Tenants change every couple of years, leaving the rooms looking a little lived in. This summer I dodged all generic dorm room “essentials” and searched endlessly for décor that would brighten up my living space. The pale pinks, hints of crisp white and black, and tropical patterns seen all over our Instagram feeds right now inspired me to buy these little gems. Thanks to online shopping and this Fashionista, you won’t have to spend hours finding décor you love.

Making your dorm room feel cozy is a lot easier than you may think. Unless you doze off during a cramming session at the library, you’ll most likely need a comfortable bed to sleep in every night. Your bed is the main focus of any bedroom and making sure it’s comfortable and cute with millennial pink pillows paired with a white furry pillow keeps it chic and cozy. A fluffy rug to put on the floor adds a little more depth to the room and makes it homier.

Submitting assignments late is on the list of college don’ts. The odds of the campus library having a spot open during study season are usually low. So make sure your study area is complete with a pretty accent clock for staying on time, a desk board for pinning up photos and reminders, and a pink Himalayan salt lamp for giving you the perfect study lighting.


During college, your inner girl boss truly shines through. Running around campus and having busy days will become very normal. So the odds of you having time to take care of an actual plant can be very low. Succulents are all the rage right now, so join the trend with these faux cactuses to get all the fun without the work. It also never hurts to remind yourself of the fact that you’re killing it! Get a little something for yourself that reminds you of this, maybe a boss mug or poster.

I always say that good vibes make for a happy girl. So does a little fun! Spruce up your room with this mellow mantra and a couple of tassels as a reminder that every day is the perfect day for a party!

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