TRENDperature Rising—Front Button Minis

Fashion is often dictated in part by the weather or climate on a specific campus. However, every once a while, there comes a trend that begins to infiltrate campuses everywhere that begs us to take notice. The latest trend on the rise? The front button mini skirt.

Perhaps it is the revival of the ’70s or the fall season in full effect, but it seems like every look we are currently obsessing over involves the front button mini skirt. Whether it is suede, denim or even corduroy, this casual silhouette has an instant “bohemian cool girl” vibe that is only becoming more popular as the season progresses.

Take a look at eight of our favorite front button mini looks captured by our Style Gurus around the world! Be sure to grab yourself a mini to get ahead of this trend like these Fashionistas!

1. Drake University


Photo by Claudia Williams

2. San Diego State University


Photo by Jaclyn Carleton

3. University of Puget Sound


Photo by Nia Harrill

4. University of Delaware


Photo by Molly Burns

5. University of South Florida

ChupeinPhoto by Bailey Chupein

6. Loyola University Chicago


Photo by Rachel Colonna

7. University of Georgia


Photo by Sydney Haymond

8. Michigan State University


Photo by Amanda Sutherland