TRENDING—Six Backpack Styles From Six Different Campuses

If there’s one thing you need just as much as coffee when you’re in college, it’s a sturdy backpack. A tote back might be a tempting alternative, but the loose pens and pencils that live at the bottom take no mercy on the lining of the bag. So that’s where a backpack, or a book bag by any other name, comes in handy. I mean, what else is there for you for every test, group project and study session, through rain or shine?

These Fashionistas/os show us exactly why a backpack is worth having around. Besides their endless utility, they can also bring a healthy dose of style to any outfit you put together.

1. Fordham UniversityDambrosioBackpacks2-3

Photo by Christine D’Ambrosio

2. University of TorontoScandoloBackpack2-2

Photo by Ally Scandolo

3. Kent State UniversitySandersBackpacks-1

Photo by Candace Sanders

4. Central Michigan UniversityKellybackpack4

Photo by Alexis Kelly

5. Delaware State University JacksonBackpacks1-2


Photo by Andy Jackson

6. University of MichiganKarizatBackpacks1

Photo by Nadia Karizat