Traveling The Great Down Under: Brisbane

Traveling The Great Down Under: Brisbane

I recently had the opportunity to go to the great down under, Brisbane, Australia. The people are super friendly and the scenery is unlike any other place. Visiting Australia is definitely a must! That being said, there are a couple of places that you have to visit before leaving Brisbane.

1—South Bank

South Bank is a path along the Brisbane River that has tons of restaurants, shops, and museums. There is so much diversity in this city and it’s extremely evident in the cuisine. There’s a Greek restaurant in between a Mexican restaurant and a Lebanese restaurant. All completely different, but equally delicious. Because there are so many restaurants with their mouth-watering menus displayed at their entrances, it’s easy to find what you’re craving quickly. And while doing so, you have a view of a beautiful river along the evergreen walkway. 

2—Queen Street Mall (Wednesdays)

A vibrant outdoor mall located in the heart of the city, Queen Street Mall has all the stores you can think of: from Forever 21 and Zara to Gucci and Chanel. With over 700 retailers, Queen Street Mall is the place to shop. There’s a twist though: every Wednesday there’s a farmers market in the entrance with little kiosks of food and products from all over the world. I had a smoothie that was to die for! It was sour but the fruit on top was sweet, basically the best of both worlds. The Queen Street Mall also has a variety of restaurants that range in price and type of food!


3—Australia Zoo

Crikey! The family of the late Crocodile Hunter grasped his vision of the Australia Zoo and magnified it to its full potential. It’s unlike any other zoo and it pays tribute to Steve Irwin. The animals are rescued and have names, giving the zoo a family feel. The zoo has a lot of Australia’s native animals, which you can hold and take pictures with at a designated area. The kangaroos, like a couple of other animals, have their own area in the zoo where they roam freely. You can walk up to them, feed them, and play with them. They are extremely playful and love to cuddle.

Usually, I’m against animal captivity and always say that they should be set free to live their lives as they choose. But the idea behind this zoo is different. They rescue and help animals make full recoveries before letting them back out into their habitats. The whole idea of this zoo is to show how Irwin felt about animals, which is a message I’m sure you will grasp in your time there. You seriously can’t leave Brisbane without stopping here first!

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