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This Will Have You Looking At Your Own Personal Style In A New Way

March 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am
This Will Have You Looking At Your Own Personal Style In A New Way

The fashion world is such a beautiful and crazy place. Where designers are artists and the models are easels to their canvases, the fabric. While we admire the abundance of creativity that comes when creating a piece of clothing, the idea of trends, what’s in and what’s out can make the whole thing just a tad overwhelming. When really at the core of it all is the individual—using the way they dress to express who they are. What we wear on outside gives the world a small taste of the person inside.

The way we dress is so interesting and complex. Whether you say you love fashion or not, the way that you dress subconsciously says so much about you. Check out the mini style stories of three College Fashionista Style Gurus as they discuss their perspectives on their own approach to style.

Sofina Bassett (@sofinaa)

“Diverse, curious, sarcastic, outgoing, and passionate” is how Sofina would describe herself. As a 5th grader, she discovered her love for fashion when she bought a full outfit using money that she had saved up all by herself. “I wore it to school the next day and felt amazing and so confident walking down the hallways, and I just knew then that I loved fashion.” Now as a young lady, Sofina dresses with a confidence inspired by bloggers like Samantha Marie and the bad gal herself Rhianna. To her the importance of your personal style can be described perfectly by Bill Cunningham, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Sofina believes, “We are all so individually unique and different, I want to show you who I am and I want to know who you are. And style is my favorite way to do that.”

Bianca Canales (@biancacanales)

While some used style to fit in Bianca felt she was better standing out. ” I realized I loved fashion when everyone around me in high school was okay with wearing casual comfy clothes and I felt more uncomfortable in comfy clothes then I did when I got ready for my day and I created a beautiful outfit that reflected the enthusiasm I had.” Bianca sees herself as an “extroverted, passionate, beautiful, flawed, and curious” human being who really uses her style to express that. “By getting up, creating a unique new outfit and fully getting ready for whatever the day has to bring, my style shows those around me that you don’t have to be someone important or have fancy events to go, to look your best every day.”

Kelly Ann Rogowski (@lovelyykelly)

Do you ever notice how a lot of rebels in life find comfort in fashion? Where it was going against what society was telling you was acceptable or like Ms.Kelly here, pushing against the smaller boundaries placed on fashion like school uniforms. “I remember being so against wearing the school uniform and I would only wear the school colors so I could put my own looks together. I would never be caught dead in the traditional school uniform.” Truly expressing herself did more than just make her look trendy, “I use my style to express my creativity on a daily basis. When I’m wearing something I am excited about, I feel confident and I am in an overall better mood.” The idea of just fashion can create boundaries but style allows for the individual to fudge the lines. ” I think style is important because it is one of the few things that you can control in this crazy world you can’t control. It allows individuality and a sense of confidence that you may not have otherwise. Being able to inspire others is also something I find very important.”

Style, as you can see, is all about self-expression. While fashion is a beautiful world, don’t get too caught up in trying to be trending and losing yourself. Like Bianca, you may feel more comfortable wearing what everyone else is too scared to try. No matter what you wear, wear it with confidence like Sofina and get creative like Kelly but in your own way.