THE PULSE—The Top 7 Fashion and Beauty Trends You Need To Try NOW

Our Style Gurus are #RAD for, like, one million reasons. But one reason we are obsessed with them is that they seem to have a pulse on all the latest and greatest trends on the rise.

Each month we bring you THE PULSE—the trends our Style Gurus think you should have your eyes out for and need to start rocking ASAP!

Check out this month’s collection of beauty, fashion, and accessory trends we are loving!

1—Monochromatic disco. What happens when you mix two of the greatest trends (monochrom + ’70s) into a single look? Heads will turn. (Photo via @geminitauberge)

2—Throw it way back. Fashionistas love anything vintage. But move over rocker tees—nostalgia in the form of cartoon prints are having coming way back into style. (Photo via @shydiyah)

3—New blonde. If “La La Land” taught us anything is that Emma Stone is that red heads have more fun. We’re thinking of making the switch to auburn in hopes of garnering some Oscar-worthy buzz ourselves! (Photo via @savannahjslaton)

4—Made for walking. Metallic, leopard print, velvet. If boots were made for walking, then might as well walk with style. (Photo via @mmoor)

5—Long and short of it. Long sleeve T-shirts are becoming the most used piece in our wardrobes. Layer it under a shorter sweater to create a totally different (and warm) look. (Photo via @_fashionistajay)

6—Geek out. The latest trend is eyewear has us no longer embarrassed of our elementary school pictures and instead asking our moms if they still have our wire-framed specs from 1998. (Photo via @n_agem)

7—Who wears the pants? Girls are putting aside their skirts and opting for flowy, silk pants. Further proof that the female empowerment movement is very much alive (and gorgeous). (Photo via @melaniebutr0n)

What are some of the trends you think are going to be major this coming season? Let us know in the comments below!