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Here's Why Androgynous Fashion is More Important Than Ever

February 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

Cultural values have been changing greatly these past years, and fashion has been following suit. The fashion industry has given a push for the power to wear what you want. This has been showcased in many ways with political statements to equality for women and members of the LGBTQA+ community. Fashion has been destroying gender lines for the past few years through the movement of androgyny.

Androgynous fashion is a style that aims to avoid gender stereotypes. From the use of androgynous models on runways to celebrities like Jaden Smith sporting skirts at red carpets, androgyny has become modern in everyday wear. This is evident and being pushed by trends such as athleisure. Androgyny embraces acceptance of one’s self without seeking approval from others.

Photo via @stylelinguistics

Even if you’re feeling comfortable in your current wardrobe, why should you embrace androgynous fashion? There’s an added comfort to wearing the clothing that you want. Did you know that what you wear affects your mental state? About 96% of women agree that what they wear affects how confident they feel. If you’re not wearing what makes you feel comfortable in your body, then how can you go about your day? If you would feel better about the day if you walked around in an oversized men’s shirt, then you should do so! Also, you begin to acquire more options at your disposal when you work in these options into your wardrobe. Have fun stealing pieces from your significant others or old clothes from your parents!

Photo via @nanclovee12

So how can you incorporate androgyny into your closet? Styles that are well-known for their androgynous characteristics include bomber jackets, boyfriend jeans, blazers, and oversized flannels. You can even raid the men’s section to grab pieces that fit right! Shop without judgement from others if they give you crazy eyes for strolling into the men’s section. It’s their loss, because some of the pieces found there are WAY cheaper than the ones in the women’s section.

Photo via @sarahdewald

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Androgyny has given a way for those to express freely who they are through clothes without having to fit under the label that goes with it. For me, wearing masculine clothes gives me comfort in being myself. After all, clothing has no gender, so feel comfortable rocking whatever you want to wear!