THE MUSTS—The 23 Items Every College Student MUST Own

September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are tons of lists out there totting back-to-school shopping. And while, yes, having extra-long twin sheets and a shower caddy are definitely handy, those generic lists don’t tell you what you will actually need to be well-prepared and fashionable college student.

So we turned to our knowledgeable Style Gurus to get their insight on the item that has proven to be essential to their college lives.

We compiled the best of the best to give you the 23 items every college Fashionista/o should own.

1. “Besides the obvious school-related materials, every college student should own SOMETHING THAT HELPS YOU UNWIND. Get yourself a pair of knitting needles, your favorite book or even some wine glasses to help yourself relax after an intense day at school.” —Hannah Goldstein, Seattle University

Yoga Mat

2. “A PLANNER. I write down literally everything I’m doing each day, and it helps me schedule and plan things quicker without getting flustered.“—Arianna Alvarez, Hunter College


3. “Every social media savvy student should own a PORTABLE USB BATTERY PACK! These come in handy when you’re on the go and can’t find an outlet to charge your phone.“—Cindy Suzuki, University of California, Davis

External Battery Pack

4. “One word… BACKPACK. In high school they weren’t cool but in college you can’t live without one.“—Alexandra Barone, Kent State University


5. “You should definitely own a cute pair of RAIN BOOTS! Nothing is worse than showing up to class and spending the day with soggy feet.“—Ciara Fekete, NYU

Rain Boots

6. “I couldn’t have survived my first year of college without my LAPTOP. Not only did it help with school, but I could video chat with friends and family that I was missing and seek inspiration for outfits and fashion looks!“—Jami Lapinson, FIT


7. “A BODY PILLOW…perfect for sitting in bed to work on homework, watch Netflix or read a book. I’ve had the same one since freshman year, and I still use it now that I’m a senior!”—Jessica Long, Elon University

Body Pillow

8. “A SUCCULENT. They’re low maintenance, purify the air and can make your apartment or dorm feel like home.“—Kelsey Daykin, University of Wisconsin


9. “Every college student needs to own a pair of COMFORTABLE, STYLISH SHOES. Never underestimate how much you’ll walk around campus.“—Lauren Hundt, Florida State University

Converse 2

10. “A good SOUND SYSTEM to pump up the jams at all times.”—Jenna Tipple, University of Wisconsin


11. “A STURDY UMBRELLA! Weather can be unpredictable, especially in Ohio, so an umbrella that can withstand powerful winds and downpours deserves a golden star in my book“—Kathryn Reaven, Kent State University


12. “Every female college student should own a BLACK TOTE BAG—it’s the most versatile accessory out there. It works for running errands, going to class, or going to work or an internship, and you can inject a touch of your personality into it by tying a scarf in your favorite color/pattern around the straps.”—Arielle McManus, FIT

Black Tote Bag.jpg

13. “A NETFLIX ACCOUNT“—Alma Gomez, University of Tampa


14. “A FULL-LENGTH MIRROR is a necessity if you ever want to see your whole outfit. Some dorms supply them but some do not so be sure to check!“—Kaitlyn Naze, Stonehill College

Full Length Mirror

15. “I believe every college student should own an iPad or some sort of TABLET. My tablet keeps track of my schedule, assignments and just my life and never gets messy like a notebook would.“—Sherrell Wilkerson, Florida A&M University


16. “A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE! Don’t be stuck without one on those long treks across campus.“—Rachel Rosenstock, Indiana University

Reusable Water Bottle

17. “Every college student should own and create a RÈSUMÈ. It is important for job interviews, scholarship applications and joining clubs.”—Lindsey WehkingDePaul University


18. “Everyone needs a cute COFFEE TUMBLER to carry to those early morning classes!“—Courtney Pelot, University of Wisconsin

coffee tumbler

19. “Every college student should own an oversized KNIT SWEATER. Whether you go to school at the beach or in the city, it will always come in handy.“—Joan Daly, Pepperdine University

Oversized Knit Sweater

20. “Every college student should own a LAP BOARD. What better way to study than in bed?“—Madison Brooker, Harding University

Lap Board

21. “In my opinion, one item every college student needs is HEADPHONES. How else can one take a lonesome self walk to class, study for a test or watch Netflix while his or her roommate is asleep?“—Stella Campisi, Penn State University


22. “WRINKLE RELEASER. If you do not have time or room in your dorm to iron, a spritz of wrinkle releaser can do wonders for your favorite T-shirt or blouse!“—Jennifer Jenkins, University of Florida

Wrinkle Releaser

23. “A LINT BRUSH, especially if you are a business student. Take it from someone who had feathers from her coat covering her cardigan at a career fair, a lint brush will be your best friend.“—Rachael Mayrose, Northeastern University

Lint Brush