The Five Most Surprising Winter Accessories You Need Now

Sure, we all know that a proper winter wardrobe needs to include a stellar pair of boots, a ridiculously oversized scarf and gloves that make your hands essentially useless. But there are some winter accessories that Fashionistas are flocking to this season that may just surprise you.

Check out the five often overlooked winter accessories that our Style Gurus are obsessed with.

Berets. While everyone is rocking a beanie, be the Parisian lady you always dreamed of being. (Photo via Rachel Park)


Bandannas. For those days when you don’t need a full-on blanket scarf for survival purposes. (Photo via Sarah Yung)


White boots + bags. White accessories are not just for warm weather and beach vacations. (Photo via Liad Stearns)


Fedora. Your favorite festival accessory can still be worn even when you are not rocking out to that up-and-coming indie band. (Photo via Jaclyn Carleton)


Sunglasses. Because the reflection of the sun off the snow is just as strong as it is at the beach. (Photo via Ally Scandolo)