Fall is here! However, fall brings an air of seasonal confusion with it. It is not quite cold enough to break out the puffy jackets, but it is time to put away the tanks here in Pennsylvania. Each week brings a new range of temperatures and we begin to stray away from shorts and dresses that are not made out of wool. For now, however, we clothe ourselves in a state of bliss. This stems from the knowledge that in whatever we wear, we will neither sweat nor freeze. That is what makes this season so versatile.

Layering is a key aspect of fashion and is emphasized throughout the colder months. However, layering comes in many forms and is not just seen in long sleeves and sweaters. It allows individuals to add extra detail into their look that is essential for Fashionistas. Layering is especially useful in the fall as it is a season of transition. No need to pack up your summer clothing just yet!

This Fashionista bridges the gap between summer and winter perfectly. Her shorts worked in August and work even better in October. The pattern, the pom-poms and the dark color palette make this outfit appropriate for the season. She focuses the attention on the shorts in this outfit by keeping it clean and fresh on the top with white on white. Her bralette peeks out of the blouse and completes the layered look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be sure to layer. It lets you wear pieces that work all year round.”