A Superhero With Super Style

I’m a pretty big nerd and I’ve never been ashamed to admit it. Growing up, my life was a mix of watching the latest superhero movie and running around my house in my Snow White dress. I wouldn’t change that for anything. There seems to be this stigma that girls can’t like superheroes or science fiction and I don’t like that.

I think it’s important that fashion is used for self-expression and if I can incorporate my love for superheroes into my love for fashion then I’m doing something right. It’s rather fun to explore things that aren’t part of everyday conventional fashion. I once spent an entire day dressed up as Princess Leia if she shopped at Free People, running around a convention center with hundreds of other Star Wars fans of all ages and gender. What a rush that was!

To this day, it is still said that women are only interested in these particular genres to impress men. I can certainly tell you that I didn’t watch Captain America: Civil War at least 50 times to impress the guy in my life that doesn’t exist. The plot, suspense, and outcomes of the action/superhero movies I watch always amaze me. Somehow I manage to be a superhero fan while simultaneously studying fashion. Being a lover of both is apparently shocking to some. Sarcasm intended.

I did have to travel to the men’s department for this T-shirt, but I love the fit. Typically, I go for mega and oversize, but not for this one. I knew I’d want to mix and match it with pieces I already had. I decided to hone in on the feminine side a bit so I vetoed my original idea which was to style jeans or cutoff shorts. I swapped those for a white mini skirt. Chic, right? The denim jacket is more of an accessory if you will, and I kept the sneakers for maximum comfort.

Don’t be afraid to explore when it comes to fashion. Although Spider-Man and fashion are an unlikely pair, I think I managed to bring them together quite nicely. I think I found what I’m wearing to the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere on July 6th, now that I’ve got this outfit under my belt.

Who’s your favorite superhero, and do you incorporate him/her into your style? Let us know in the comments below!