#StyleGuruLove—11 Well-Caffeinated Instagram Images

When I was younger, I used to sneak sips of my dad’s coffee and gag. ‘Who in their right mind would willingly choose to drink this?’ I would often wonder. And then college happened.

Our Style Gurus are able to keep up with their busy lives thanks in part to being complete fashion rockstars and heavily over-caffeinated. From lattes to Americanos, espressos to iced anything, our Style Gurus always have time for a coffee break—and to share a pretty Instagram in the process.

Check out this week’s #StyleGuruLove round-up that will have you running to grab your own iced triple venti soy no foam macchiato (or the like).

1. @andreafp_


2. @anndyjackson


3. @browneyelovely


4. @bymelissanicole


5. @christinenrqz


6. @honestlymela


7. @meagansapashe


8. @michaelaalxndra


9. @nadaezalx


10. @robin_lis


11. @victoria_chardonnay


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