STYLE GURU STYLE: Your Jacket Is The Bomb

Seoul is perhaps one of the most overlooked fashion hubs in the world. With the growing popularity of K-Pop in the U.S. and increasing globalization, we are finally being exposed to the stylishness of the Korean youth. In general, I love the way Korean fashion has mastered the art of layering, something a Floridian like myself doesn’t have much experience with. I also admire the effortlessness of every garment.

This season, Korean designer Kathleen Kye’s fall 2015 collection really caught my eye. My favorite part of the collection was a series of bomber jackets that gave me athletic vibes and reminded me of school sports. Even though the sky high temperatures make it nearly impossible to wear more than a few thin layers, I knew I wanted to give this bomber jacket trend a try.

As a girl who rarely strays from a color palette of black, gray and white, this jacket is colorful by my standards. I chose to balance out the jacket with a pair of high-waisted, black skinny jeans—a closet staple. To play up the sporty vibe, I threw on a patterned 5 panel hat and my adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

One of the greatest achievements in life, I think, is the ability to trick someone into thinking that you are athletic. Choosing a bomber jacket is a neat tip for looking athletic without having to actually sweat. Besides, if Korean runways are saying bomber jackets are in, then bomber jackets are in.

Get My Look: 1. A bomber jacket. 2. Black skinny jeans. 3. Cool sneakers.