STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter to Spring

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter to Spring

Hello, fellow Fashionistas! I hope everyone’s semester is going well and the weather is finally warming up for you. Here in Minnesota, it has been in 40-degree weather but keeps snowing! However, if you are from Minnesota you know that once it gets to this kind of weather, it is a sign that nice weather is on its way! The outfit I decided to share with you today is one that is perfect for this awkward transitioning time between winter and spring.

With the temperature rising a little bit, and it constantly snowing, it makes it really difficult to decide on what to wear. I chose to match a sleeveless turtleneck dress with a long white sleeve shirt because, without the shirt, I would be a bit chilly. My dress is very flowy and comfortable, which I LOVE! I also love the color of the dress, it is the perfect color for spring coming up and it is a nice color for my skin tone.

Underneath the dress, I am not wearing tights! I am actually just wearing black leggings. I decided to do this because leggings keep my legs a lot warmer than tights would when it is still snowing out and the best part about it is that most people just assume that you are wearing tights when you actually are not!

For shoes and accessories, I decided to go with some tan booties because anything else just would not work in this weird weather. Around my waist, I just took a little tie belt that I already had laying around and tied it around my waist to add a little fun to the dress. I am also wearing a cute navy blue floral headband that matches the belt. The necklace I am wearing is from Rue 21 that they make for many other states! It is the Minnesota state with a heart cut out in the place where the capital is. I threw this on because I thought it was very fitting for the outfit and topic I was sharing with you guys!

I hope this helped some of you who also having the same problem as I am or if you aren’t, I hope this gave you a little chuckle. Hopefully, March brings you all good grades and weather!