STYLE GURU STYLE: When Moschino Met Stüssy

The recent Moschino spring 2015 menswear runway show has only proven that, despite all odds and opinions, Jeremy Scott is here for the long haul. Despite criticism to much avail, Jeremy Scott joined the Moschino team after he was appointed creative director for the brand back in late October of 2014. With Scott’s visions and strokes of creative genius in mind, he and his team revamped the famous ’80s Italian label by turning the high-brow upper echelon designs into a smorgasbord of iconic pop references and spoofs. Scott brought about a change in the air of fashion by bringing in a sense of art emitted through tongue and cheek humor, with a blend of world flags, dollar signs, overhauls of denim and array of smiley faces. This season’s line, surprisingly, is pretty toned down for a name like Jeremy Scott to be attached to it!

While my wardrobe doesn’t have anything as drastic and in-your-face as the Moschino line, I find that the most simple attires and colors can still emit an air of boldness. Following the lead of Jeremy Scott, I decided to let the brand speak for itself. The Stüssy sweatshirt, with its heavy advertisement display of the logo, is loud and in-your-face, much like the Moschino brand. The crossover “s” on the shirt also is similar in design to the crossover smiley faces (that actually wasn’t even intentional, but hey, that’s the beauty of fashion!). Keeping consistency with the theme and color, which I’m a huge fan of, the black and white roshe run sneakers blend in nicely. And for the touch of gold, my watch does a perfect job at honing in on flare and channeling pizazz.

Though some of us (myself included) aren’t the type to pull off the wacky clothes of Moschino or any designer for that matter, we are still, as Fashionistas/os, able to channel the spirit and essence of the designer into our everyday wear and hone in onto our own styles and personalities. Because hey, who doesn’t have a little bit of Moschino in them?

Get My Look: 1. Stüssy sweatshirt. 2. Roshe Run sneakers. 3. A gold watch.