STYLE GURU STYLE: When in Doubt, Layer It Out

As a Style Guru I’m always looking up the latest trends and trying to keep up with them as much as I possibly can. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with all the trends because there’s usually a specific trend that really draws my attention, or there are older trends that I just can’t get enough of.

For a while now one trend that has my full admiration has been girls wearing outfits that could also be in men collections. If you can’t get a full grasp of what I’m saying, go check out Thom Browne’s pre-fall 2015 designs. While I’m not all for the full-on suit effect he has going on, I also feel like button-up shirts never fail for boys or girls. Another look that is very gender neutral is wearing collared shirts underneath sweaters.

Now that spring is fast approaching, warmer weather is upon us! FINALLY. But per usual, Indiana whether is about as unpredictable as it gets; so while I really want to ditch the winter coat and huge sweaters heading into Spring Break, it doesn’t work like that. My alternative to always relying on the winter coat though is layering. The perfect way to layer is by going for the gender neutral look of wearing a collared shirt underneath a sweater.

It’s a perfect outfit for those awkward temperature days where you can’t wear a coat, but it’s also not warm enough to wear just a shirt. I translate Browne’s designs by wearing a basic button-up shirt that a boy or girl could easily wear and then layering it with a girly sweater. Trust me I definitely have walked into my 7:30 (yes, 7:30 in the morning) lecture and have seen some frat star going for the same collared shirt underneath a sweater approach. Don’t worry about looking too boyish, a cute graphic sweater and statement necklace will do the trick to make it girlier.

Get My Look: 1. Striped button-up. 2. Sweater. 3. Pandora ring.