STYLE GURU STYLE: Ultimate Canadian Tuxedo

May 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

Leather, denim, fur, fringe and pattern. Five textures that I embrace in my day to day style. The Tom Ford ready-to-wear 2015 show included all of these and more. From layering denim to pairing colourful patterns with black suede, Tom Ford brought to life new techniques of matching and inspired all Fashionistas alike.

Although ripped denim is and probably always be in. Tom Ford throws us back into the ’70’s and shows us that another way to switch up denim is in patches. By patching different shades of denim or patterns on denim, you can instantly change the look of an entire outfit. Tom Ford also matches fur with his denim ensembles. In this way, you can add texture and complement colours of the fur. Although you can use the fur to dress up the denim, it’s also okay to wear the fur casually. Matched with you favourite denim skirt or pants, switch out the denim jacket for a fur jacket for a new look!

This Tom Ford show inspires me daily and I am able to recreate the looks into my own style. I am a huge denim fan. My go-to pieces are boyfriend jeans and an oversized jean jacket. So why not put the two together? Tom Ford shows us that when wearing two denim pieces, they don’t have to be the exact same shade. In fact, the more shades the better. Denim will always have a similar texture, therefore it’s okay to switch up the color, it differentiates the look. I switched up my look by wearing patterned, leopard print sneakers. These shoes added a new texture and new colours to the look and complemented the casual style of the entire outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Oversized denim jacket. 2. Denim boyfriend jeans. 3. Denim button-down.