STYLE GURU STYLE: Transitioning Tights

Anna Molinari, the designer for Blumarine, features femininity in every collection. She always wants her models to embody seduction and charm and her recent collection does just that. Her pieces are all modern and very clean. Not surprisingly, most of the collection involved sheer tights. Skirts are often associated with a sweet, girly look, and Molinari enhanced this look for winter style.

Tights are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, because they can be worn with winter and summer clothing. If you want to wear shorts but it’s not quite warm out, throw tights on underneath. If you want to wear a sundress in April but it’s too chilly, match it with tights. Tights and leggings add extra warm and coverage to any outfit, which is perfect for unpredictable temperatures.

Most of Molinari’s outfits are upscale and mature, but tights are also great with casual outfits. I took a more casual approach and wore tights with combat boots and a bulky sweater. I decided to wear a beanie from Krochet Kids International and a casual dress to perfect the look. All of my pieces were casual, so it makes the tights look more casual. This makes the outfit wearable for everyday occasions.

A lot of people think wearing tights in cold weather is a terrible idea, but it can definitely work. As long as you wear warm pieces with them, you shouldn’t be cold at all. I wore a super warm sweater and warm socks under my boots, and I didn’t even notice the freezing temperature. Incorporating tights is a great way to switch up your winter outfits when you get tired of wearing pants.

Get My Look: 1. A long cardigan. 2. A cool slouchy beanie. 3. A perfect pair of black tights.