STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwin' It Back

I’m the first to admit that I love a good throwback. Whether it’s a great throwback Thursday Instagram post or some throwback music, I have a hearty appreciation. So, when an entire collection is based on a throwback, it’s safe to say that I’m more than a little excited—especially when that collection is Gucci.

Made up of pieces that were heavily influenced by the ’70s, Gucci’s spring 2015 collection was a blast from the past. However, an unexpected spin on the clothing brought the show into a decade of its own. Filled with suede dresses and denim outfits, the ’70s trend was gloriously remade, featured in a simple yet luxurious style that can only be pulled off by Gucci. While the ’70s were certainly the focus, a few other trends quietly crept into the clothing as well. Red lace, silk fabrics and high necklines gave the collection a fancy, buttoned-up feel, giving a twist to the otherwise laid back feel of the rest of the ensembles.

Being a lover of throwbacks, the need to recreate the Gucci look into an outfit of my own was pretty much inevitable—and surprisingly simple. With a large portion of the show being denim, I chose a fantastic denim skirt as the focus of my look. To get that buttoned-up feel, I added a crisp white blouse to my easy look. To finish it off, I chose a pair of sandals in a rusty ’70s shade and black and gold sunglasses for a little bit of that Gucci glam.

Choosing a picture for throwback Thursday may be impossible, but recreating a throwback look from the Gucci spring 2015 collection couldn’t be easier. A little bit of denim, a high-necked blouse and some classic ’70s colors are a foolproof way to get that perfect Gucci look and travel back in time for a day.

Get My Look: 1. Denim skirt. 2. Crisp white blouse. 3. Snazzy sunglasses. 4. Rust-colored sandals.