STYLE GURU STYLE: Thinking Inside The Box

May 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Finals are upon us and anything I can do to take my mind off the stress of the next week is a godsend. One of my favorite things which is usually the opposite of most people is picking out a cute outfit for each day of finals. It gives my mind a rest from all the studying, and it makes me feel confident when I know I look good. For this outfit I decided to pull inspiration from Akris’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear line, which is anything but ordinary. The line plays with color, material and shape in order to create a unique look. In this line I found a balance for creating a chic spring outfit.

One of the main reasons I chose to pull inspiration from this line what the shape used in a bunch of different pieces. I have been noticing a trend in most the spring ready-to-wear collections—the shape has shifted. Specifically in this show, Kriemler played with the box-shaped shirt. He combined this with his dresses and other pieces from the collection. Another major theme was the color. He chooses a bunch of subtle tones. This plays to the importance of the clothes and craftsmanship and highlights the actual structure.

I decided to pick specific details to incorporate into an outfit. I stuck with the box shape for the shirt. This shirt also has wide sleeves, which adds more to the loose fit and shape theme. I paired them with patterned cotton shorts. This gave a perfect flow because both pieces were loose fitting. I felt like it needed a pop of color and picked a necklace that was a bold but in neutral tone. Finally I grabbed a pair of black strappy wedges. These are my favorite shoes to wear because they are so comfortable and they make my legs look so long (always a plus!).

Get My Look: 1. A boxy top. 2. A Some cotton shorts. 3. Wedges that are cute and comfortable.