STYLE GURU STYLE: The Thigh's the Limit

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Thigh's the Limit

My favorite current trend is without a doubt the thigh-high boot. I love how they can dress up any outfit while also making the entire look a little bit edgier.  I always admired the suede Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots, but the obvious thing keeping me from making the purchase was the price. Many different designers started to come out with their own version of the iconic over-the-knee boot, the various brands and styles started to overwhelm me! I was determined to find the perfect pair.

I love my mom and always go to her for fashion advice, so when I told her about my quest to find the perfect over-the-knee boot, I was sad that she did not share my obsession with this trend. She expressed her concern that the over-the-knee boot would make me appear even shorter than I am. I could see her logic: they would cover up the majority of my already short legs. I was discouraged from my search. After a couple months of living vicariously through the many stylish and vertically gifted Style Gurus as they sported their over-the-knee boots, I finally gave in.

My over-the-knee boot search ended where most of my shoe searches end: Steve Madden, of course. I found the perfect black, suede, pointed toe over-the-knee boots. Their medium-chunky heel makes them super easy to walk in. I also love this particular pair because they had slimmer calves, so they don’t bunch up on my legs!

The biggest difficulty I have with styling these boots is that I don’t have a ton of clothes that are short enough to wear with them! You definitely need to wear shorter skirts or dresses so the boots don’t swallow your whole body! I have also found that I can wear them over denim skinny jeans.

For this particular look, I styled a super soft romper with my over-the-knee boots. To accessorize, I wore a long beaded necklace that I made and some fun bracelets. If it’s a little chilly out, you can throw a denim jacket on to keep warm. My new tote is my favorite way to add a little pattern to my everyday looks, because you all know by now that I usually am color and pattern phobic. My favorite cosmetic item that I used was Lipstick Queen’s new Frog Prince lip gloss. It reacts with your pH to create a custom pink lip color!

Whenever you are nervous to wear a new trend, just make the jump and try it! When it comes to fashion, the thigh’s the limit!